Feed In Tariff

Since 1st April 2010 homes, businesses and public buildings that generate electricity using renewable energy systems have been able to claim a Feed in Tariff from their energy supplier. 

The tariffs, as of 1st July 2018, are as follows:

These payments are:

In addition to the above, additional payments are made for electricity exported to the grid.

'Simple payback' examples for typical hydropower schemes:

System Size




Typical Installed Cost




Annual Generation [kWh]




Annual Feed in Tariff Income




Annual Export Income*




Annual savings on Electricity Bills**




Combined Annual Income & Savings




Annual Operation & Maintenance Costs (including Business Rates)

£500 £2,000 £10,000
Annual Profit £3,500 £12,000 £46,460

Simple payback period

14.3 years

8.3 years

4.7 years

* Below 30kW 75% of the generated electricity is 'deemed' exported no matter how much is actually exported. For the 85kW scheme we have assumed 50% is exported and the agreed Power Purchase Agreement rate is 5.5p/kWh.
** Assumes electricity costs 16p/kWh and for all the schemes we have assumed 50% of the electricity generated is used on site.

A 15Kw turbine
A 15 kilowatt turbine like this, using 78 litres per second with 32m of fall, produces about 72,000 units of electricity per year, worth over £5,500 per year on the Feed in Tariff income alone.

A 15Kw turbine
In total this 75kW scheme cost about £140k to install including the groundworks, power house and intake construction.

A 15Kw turbine
This 90kW scheme generates about 380,000kWh per year and cost in the region of £220k to install.


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