Export Tariff

In April 2010 the UK government launched the Feed In Tariff incentive which led to an increase in the number of hydropower schemes being installed in the UK. Unfortunately the Feed In Tariff scheme was closed to new hydropower projects on 31st March 2019.
For new hydropower schemes you can benefit from export payments and from savings on your fuel bills.

Export payments:  Any electricity you do not use on-site will be automatically exported to the grid. A national scheme has been established to pay for exported power, called the Smart Export Guarantee. To qualify for this scheme, you need to have an export meter which is capable of ‘half-hourly’ metering. If you have a smart meter installed, some companies can use the export readings from these. Rates vary between suppliers, but you should be able to secure between 5p/kWh and 15p/kWh. For larger schemes, generally above 10kW, it is possible to set up a Power Purchase Agreement with some energy suppliers. Rates for these agreements have varied dramatically during the last 18 months due to the energy crisis (6p/kWh to 70p/kWh). 

On-site use of electricity: You will also benefit from on-site use of the electricity you generate. When you use this electricity you will be able to offset this against electricity, or other fuels, you would otherwise have had to buy.

A 15Kw turbine
A 15 kilowatt turbine like this, using 78 litres per second with 32m of fall, produces about 72,000 units of electricity per year.

A 15Kw turbine
In total this 75kW scheme cost about £140k to install including the groundworks, power house and intake construction.

A 15Kw turbine
This 90kW scheme generates about 380,000kWh per year and cost in the region of £220k to install.


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